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Easy No Sew DIY Cops and Criminals Costumes

These easy no sew cops and criminals costumes were inspired by a fun team tradition.

The Cop Costumes

  • For the cops, we used navy blue shorts, light blue short sleeve button down shirts, and black socks.
  • We accessorized using a “cop” package from the Dollar Tree.
  • We used blue felt to create badges and name tags.

The Criminal Costumes

  • For the orange criminal we used an orange shirt, orange shorts and iron on letters.
  • For the striped criminal we used a plain white shirt and pants and created the stripes using black duct tape.

A trick here… if you use duct tape and you need to be mobile, make sure to use extremely baggy clothing or else leave a small gap on both sides of the duct tape (ie. instead of using one long piece to go all the way around, use two pieces and have them meet on the sides but not touch).

The Judge Costume

For the judge, we used a plain black bed sheet from Walmart that we folded in half and then hot glued together on the sides to create sleeves.

You can read about our special volleyball group costuming tradition on my Author page…

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