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Easy, Last Minute Twister Couple Halloween Costume

I saw the Twister idea on your website originally but just for a guy.  We decided to make it in to a Twister couple Halloween costume. We both wore white on top and bottom, I cut out the circles from sheets of felt from the craft store and used double sided tape to stick them to our clothes.  I bought two Twister games to use the spinner boards (I’m sure I could have made them but this was kind-of last minute) but we turned them over and used the blank side and created our own color wheel with “better odds”. I added a yarn “hanger” to each board so we didn’t have to carry them around all night.

It was a huge hit at the party. We only got groped a couple times. And we still have working games of Twister because the “right” side of the spinner board wasn’t damaged and we didn’t even use the plastic sheet that comes with the game.

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