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Coolest Homemade Twister Twins Costume

Our family loves to play board games…so the twins (Paige and Heather) decided to dress as their favorite family game,”TWISTER”

The Twister Twins Costume was made with polka dot material. We cut out dresses for both girls. We then cut out four circles (red, blue, green, and yellow) and the word “Twister” and hot glued them onto one of the costumes. We then cut out 1 circle of each color, we drew 2 hands and 2 feet on cardboard, and printed out Left, Right, Left, Right on the computer. We hot glued all of the colors, etc to the dresses. We then took polka dot ribbon and glued it to the top and around the arms of the the dress. Finally, I printed out the spinner for the Twister game and glued it to green and red decorative paper and added ribbon from edge to edge to make a small purse to hold candy.

The girls love their costume and it cost about 10.00 each and took 1 hour each to make. What a great night for board games…Twister Anyone?

Homemade Twister Twins Costume

Homemade Twister Twins Costume

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