We created a homemade Twister group Halloween costume, one person in each color of the game.

We each purchased one board game. We took the actual flimsy mat of the game and made dresses. This was a little tough, because they rip easily. We cut holes for the head and arms and then made them just a little bigger so we could slip the dress on. We each bought colored wigs and tights, and wore opposite shoe colors. We even made jewelery to match.

We took the spinner board and attached them to headbands so we could wear them on our heads all night. And instead of the board saying “right leg” or “left leg” we changed those to “lips” and “butt”. We kept the original “right/left hand” symbols on there.

Our homemade Twister group Halloween costume was a huge hit, and not overly expensive if you shop ahead for wigs and tights.