Easy Homemade Halloween Costume Inspired by the Movie Easy A

So, this came to when I watched Easy A for the first time the day before the BIG Halloween party.  This movie inspired me, since everyone starts rumors and thinks they know people because of things they here.  Yea, I have been called “Easy” before, which is a total lie if you talk to my friends.

This costume was destined for me.  Is it hard to create?? Not at all!  Luckily for me in my closet I had a pair of skinny jeans, black ray bans, pearl necklace, and black boots; had to borrow the corset from the roomie.  Only thing I needed to make shift was my SWEET A, which I cut up an old red tee, took soome safety pins and BAM you have an A.  Throw on some red lipstick, and olive Pentergast at your service… well not in that way