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Easy Halloween Costume Cupcake Cutie

I used a plastic tub with handles and cut the bottom off, three pieces of hotpink poster board accordion folded that I hot glued to the side of the tub, a pack of polyfil for the icing that I also hot glued to the top of the tub, some multi colored pompom balls as sprinkles that I glued to the “icing”, and some pink ribbon that I attached to the handles of the tub to hold it up. I also used a red ball that I super glued to a headband and stuck a green pipe cleaner in the air hole to make the cherry on top.

This was my first time making my own costume, and I must say it was a success! I got tons of compliments on how cute and creative it was. It was easy to wear, took up a little extra space but that made it more fun. I might even wear it again next year!

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