For the cupcake costume, I started by purchasing an accordion style lampshade from a thrift store.  I spray-painted it silver and removed the metal “spokes” inside. Then I flipped it upside down and hot-glued padding around the rim (so the icing would have a rounder look), and I attached suspenders for my daughter to wear it.

For the “icing” on top, I found a cute pink fleece hooded poncho at the thrift store. I wrapped it with lots of pink tulle and attached several pompoms to represent the “sprinkles.” I sewed little hooks to secure the bottom of the poncho around the “top” of the lampshade. I also sewed some white fabric for the “whipped cream” on top and then fashioned a cherry out of a red sparkly Styrofoam ball ornament and a green pipe cleaner.

The costume was adorable, and everyone loved it at her preschool and as we walked around the neighborhood.