We put this together last minute, but it was super easy.  We went through our closets for whatever blazers and skirts we could find. We ended up doing black because that is what we all had, even though in the movie they wear navy.  then we wore white tank tops underneath, but you can see one of us did have a white collar shirt which made it look way better. We went to a thrift shop to grab a scarf that was $5, we cut it into four pieces for us to tie around our necks.   The last thing we did was get little patches embroidered that said Barden Bella\’s that way people could recognize us more.  So many people knew exactly what we were going for, we got a lot of compliments, and a lot of people wanted us to sing (which we can\’t).  Some people did think we were flight attendants at first, but then saw the patch on our shirts.  :)