My boyfriend had just passed his pilot’s test and bought a plane so it was a no brainer to make him an Airline Pilot costume. It’s all in the details.

I searched high and low every thrift store in town to find the rolling bag that the pilots take on the plane with them, I finally found a bag I liked and a luggage dolly. Then I got to work on adding the gold trims and buttons to an old suit of his. I used striped ribbon and created the shoulder stripes and tabs. The hard part was also finding a hat I liked, some of the Halloween stores had not a great selection so I settled on one and added gold ropes and buttons. Walgreens had the aviator glasses and this completed his outfit. I used his temp pilots liscense to remake him one that was authentic and cool. Also giving him some Mile high club status his badge holder was from an air show he went to. I got some wing patches from the fabric store. His costumes are always harder to come up with because he won’t wear any makeup or a mask. So for that guy who only goes to parties to make you happy this was an easy costume to create that kept him comfy.