My husband and I love Halloween. We kinda got together on Halloween several years ago and every year we try to go big. Well, at least I do and I think my husband is just fine to go along for the ride because he knows how happy it makes me.  In 2009 we decided to he was going to be a princess and I was going to be a unicorn. So we went to the thrift stores to see what we could find.  We scored big when we found George’s purple sparkly princess dress, which was someone’s old prom dress. It was a bit tight on him, but we ended rigging a lace system on the back with some ribbon so he could wear it a bit looser.

Then we found some purple fairy wings to match and decided to promote him from just princess to fairy princess and amazingly came across a sequined tiara and crown set at the thrift store as well. I didn’t exactly find what I was looking for to make into a unicorn costume, but I found something even better: a little kid’s purple dragon suit. Of course it didn’t fit, but I decided I was going to make it work somehow. My mom helped me to cut it up and sew some spandex onto the feet, the hands and the tail so they would all stay on as separate parts. I wrapped a couple feather boas around my waste to add mystique.

Boy, did we make people laugh at the party! George sure is beautiful and hilarious in drag. He even let me put makeup and glitter on him.

I was a big fan of our costumes so I loved showing people pictures.  It always got a great laugh. However, when we went to visit George’s family that Christmas, I showed his mom a picture and she was not happy about it.  Ooops…