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Cool Raggedy Ann Costume Ideas and Homemade Doll Costumes

I made these doll costumes myself and my kids won cutest costume at the town Halloween Parade.

Costume by Charlotte, P., Farmington, UT

Raggedy Ann Doll Costume

We made these costumes for our 2 year old twins. The red hair on our son is made of red yarn that we sewed onto the inside of the sailor hat. The same yarn was used to make the bows for our daughter. The rest of the doll costumes were made from scratch or modified from clothes that they already had. They were the cutest kids that we saw all night. Total Spent: $20

Costume by Denise R., Eddyville, KY

Raggedy Ann Doll Costume

My mom and I have always loved Raggedy Ann so we came up with this outfit for my little girl. This is the first girl for my family after 3 boys so we had a lot of fun playing around with this idea. We drew out all pattern pieces onto paper then cut them out, pinned them on fabric and cut and sewed on a sewing machine. Her dress and apron were made by using one of her dresses as a guideline. We used striped fabric for her bloomers (we used a pair of her pants for the pattern pieces)., , She has some raggedy mitten hands and feet. For her wig we cut up an old red t-shirt and made a cap out of it (we measured around her head to make sure it would fit). We took red yarn, cut it all into one length, and attached it to the red cap with a sewing machine. After all the yarn was attached we cut the yarn into a raggedy hair-do. I think doll costumes turn out adorable! I can’t believe it, but she actually kept the wig on while trick or treating!, , Total Spent: $17

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