My wife is the most creative woman ever when it comes to saving money, and when it comes to her visibility on making something huge from something small. We’ve been married for 12 years, and we wanted to incorporate our marriage into the costume as well as do our costumes together.

She started to think of what we have in our closets. She came up with a jacket and pants that I’d never wear again. She spray painted it white and gray. She found a top hat, bow tie, and she got grey and black face paint. Her ability to create something “real” made our ghost look amazing! She found the white dress at the goodwill store along with a veil. She added fake blood to her dress. She then cut my suit up in places to add years of being in the grave. This is pretty much how we made them.

We won 2nd place at a contest were there were 50 contestants. The hardest part is that we absolutely love to dance, and every time we would dance we would sweat the make-up off our face. Also, it would swear into our eyes and burn like crazy!! Lol we literally had to touch up our make-up in the bathroom 10 times before the night was over. It was so much fun to keep a straight face starting at people walking slowly by them and seeing them look at us with fear. Lol. We walked into a grocery store and spooked someone have to death. Then before we left, 10 different people wanted their picture with us. It was truly the best Halloween we have ever had!