Cutest Chef and Little Cupcake Halloween Costumes

We started with mommy’s lab coat from nursing school. The hardest part was taking off the school logo. We finally put the name tag over it. We then tied two small pillows around the waist (one in front and one in back). It was funny because the jacket then gaped between the buttons. The chef hat was made with a piece of poster board cut down to size and stapled together.  We then put white tissue paper on top of the poster board. The mustache was bought from Wal-mart in the costume section. It was hard to get her to wear the mustache. It was really easy once we started talking about how to do it.


The cupcake was made with white poster board covered in fan folded aluminum foil to make the cupcake holder. Next we added a pink material that was gathered top and bottom and hot glued little pieces of different colored felt to the pink material. We dressed her in brown sweat pants and sweat shirt. Put a pink stocking cap on her with cotton glued to the top and a cherry on top of that.

We started making these costumes about a week before Halloween and it didn’t take very long to finish them.

We started with mommy's lab coat from nursing school.  The hardest part was taking off the school logo.  We finally put the name tag over