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Cute Cupcake and Baker Couple Halloween Costume

I am not a sewer in the least so I probably made this harder than it was with a lot of trial and error.   I made a skirt for the wrapper of the cupcake.  I made pleats in the skirt to look like a cupcake wrapper.   The skirt took me three evenings to get it worked out, while the frosting took just a few hours  total. For the frosting I slimply made a long tube by just folding the material horizontal and sewed a straight seam.  Stuffed with pillow stuffing.  Hot glued pompoms on for the sprinkles.  Wrapped it around me and secured it with safety pins.   For the cherry, I got a styrofoam ball and painted it cherry red.   Then hot glued it to a head band after insterting a pipe cleaner for the steam.       Everyone loved my cupcake.  We won best couples costume at the party we went to, which is why we dressed up.  :)



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