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Coolest Homemade Cupcake and Baker Couple Costume

I have an obsession with cupcakes– I simply think that they are beautiful– and all I really wanted was to be one for Halloween. This is how I created the homemade cupcake costume:

Skirt/Wrapper: This was the hardest part of the costume, and it really wasn’t that hard. I used my prom dress from 10 years prior (when tulle with a corset top was all the rage, circa 1999). I hung the dress inside out and hot glued and safety pinned up all the layers of tulle. Then I turned it back out and spray painted the skirt a Caribbean Blue– once that was dry, I cut off the corset top, leaving only the skirt.

Top/Frosting: An old VS halter top a friend had given me.

Gloves: I used little girl tights, cut and glued to make the gloves.

Cupcake Hat: Ordered from Etsy.

Cupcake on Skirt: I made this to originally be a necklace, then glued it to the skirt at the last minute. Made from ribbons, sequins, a foam base and lots of hot glue.

Legs: I wore matching blue tights (to the skirt) and then spray painted an old pair of Mary Janes the same color blue.

I wore cupcake earrings and a matching ring.

My husband went as a baker. I bought his coat and hat at a Food Service Store, and added cupcake buttons to the front of his coat.

Homemade Cupcake Costume

Homemade Cupcake Costume

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