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Cute Cow Costume for a Woman

I thought a cow costume would be really interesting to put together so I went to the store and bought white, pink, and black construction paper. I also bought a glue stick, string, and a hole puncher. I took black and white construction paper and drew circle-like designs to make the cow spots. Then I cut it out with a pair of safety scissors. After that I took a glue stick to attach the cow spots onto my clothes. The hard part was making sure the spots stayed onto my clothes.

For my clothes, I wore a white shirt and black leggings. For the mask I also used construction paper I drawn out circles for my eyes and cut it out so I can still be able to see. I drew a triangle on the pink construction paper for each cow ear and I used a hole puncher to make holes to attach a piece of string to be able to wear it. People thought my costume was really cute and cool. My mom thought it was really funny and neat.

My cousin came over and when she saw me dressed as a cow she started laughing. She thought it was really funny and adorable and my best friend’s exact words were “I wish I had thought of that”.

I thought the funniest part was making the mask because the cow ears and spots on it just made me laugh. I loved every moment of making this costume. I wanted something cute not bloody and scary. I also love animals so what better than a cow. Plus, I already owned the white shirt and leggins so I was able to save some money.

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