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Coolest Cow Halloween Costume

This cow Halloween costume is a very fun costume! It takes two people to work it and can make a lot of people stop and look at it to figure out how it works. My mom and I have always worked this thing together and have it down quite well now. We have little dances we do where we move our feet different ways and all the kids just love it!

I work the head and front legs and good ole’ mom works the back feet and the rear-end part of it.
My mom is a very tiny, sweet woman who doesn’t drink, smoke, curse etc… Someone came up behind the cow and slapped it’s bottom. My mom whispered to me “Terri someone spanked my bottom”. I whispered back to her “Kick em mom” she said “Nooooo, I can’t do that, what if it is a little kid?” Well the slap came again and my mom was more aware of the size of the hand and all of a sudden she kicks one leg outward and we almost fall and eat it in the costume but catch our balance. Mom said it was a rather large hand, and she knew then that it was a man, so she kicked him, rather hard. HA HA

My Grandmother is a seamstress and made this costume a few years back and said it was the hardest thing she has EVER sewn in her life. We bought the material which looked like cowhide, and she bought a pattern to make it. I know it took her a while and it wasn’t real cheap to make, but my Grandma made it with lots of love and when it is worn, people really like it.

Thank you Grandma for being the most awesome Grandma in the whole world! You ROCK!

Cow Costume

Cow Costume

Cow Costume

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