Coolest Lion Hunter Halloween Costume

The Lion King shows his big Prize to you!

This Safari Hunter had a Lion who actually Hunted her and now he carry’s his prize around to show everyone! Creepy! THE STORY: Okay, so it was my first time to go out Safari hunting for a lion in Africa. I didn’t have much luck my first few days. I saw lions but no clear … Read more

Coolest Cow Halloween Costume

Run the Farmer is comin'!

This cow Halloween costume is a very fun costume! It takes two people to work it and can make a lot of people stop and look at it to figure out how it works. My mom and I have always worked this thing together and have it down quite well now. We have little dances … Read more

Coolest Pregancy Costume- Cat Eats Fishy

Cat eats poor little Fishy- But poor little Fishy escapes a week later only to be spotted again a year later!!

My daughter was 9 months pregnant and came up with this great idea for a costume for herself. We just bought some tight black pants, and a black shirt at the resale store for $2.00. She got the cat tail and ears a while back at the resale store as well for $1.00. I used … Read more

Coolest Optical Illusion Halloween Costume

Optical Illusion Halloween Costume

We were dressed and ready for bed but sitting in our living room watching a little nighttime TV when all of a sudden our front door gets kicked in and a crazy looking little man comes running in. I freak out and my daughter “Gracie” jumps on this guys back and won’t let go. He … Read more