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Recycled Plastic Bag Spotted Cow Costume

How to make a black and white cow costume?  First I searched around my house for black and white items to recycle into my cow costume.  I began with a big black plastic garbage bag and wore it as the head of my cow costume.

Then I used a large white kitchen garbage bag to make the body of my cow costume. I cut eye holes in the black garbage bag and used the scrap pieces to make black spots on the white cow body.  I used scrap stiff  black styrofoam from a package to cut out floppy black ears to pin to the black pastic bag head of my cow costume. The first black ears were too small, so I had to cut out larger cow ears that would look floppy when pinned to my garbge bag cow head. I attached the floppy ears to an animal print headband to wear over the black plastic garbage bag.

Under my cow costume body I wore white slacks for white cow legs, black leather shoes as hoofs, and an animal print shirt.  To make my front legs white I wore a pair of white long rubber household gloves.

I printed a black and white sign that read “EAT MORE CHIKEN!”  Ha, Ha! Cows do not want to get slaughtered and eaten. Also, cows cannot spell “CHICKEN.”

It took me several hours to gather all the black and white cow costume items that I found around my house and put them all together into my final cow costume.  It was fun being creative and experimenting with ideas.  I felt like I was in elementary school arts and crafts making a homemade halloween costume.

When I walked into the chicken restaurant wearing my black and white cow costume, everyone laughed at my creative funny black and white cow costume.  The manager even got his camera and took my photo in my homemade cow costume.  I cheered everyone up that day! MMMOOOOOOOO!!!!

Recycled Plastic Bag Spotted Cow Costume

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