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Coolest Holstein Cow Costume

Every year my daughter wants a unique costume of her own. She doesn’t want anyone else to be like her. So I have found that the best way to achieve this is to make one! Here is the Holstein cow costume that she wanted to be last year.

Body: I took a white sweatshirt that was 2 sizes too big, cut off the sleeves and hot glued the ragged edges under. Then I took black felt and cut in various swirly patterns (like the spots on a cow) placed them on the white sweatshirt till I got the pattern I wanted. Then I hot glued them on(I had originally tried Elmer’s glue but it would not dry solid enough and the costume was going to be worn by my 5 year old on several occasions, one of which was to school all day, so it had to be fairly sturdy).

I also put elastic at the bottom of the sweatshirt, which you don’t have to do but it made it bunch up more. I made a small slit at the seam and took the elastic with a safety pin attached to it and drew it through. I brought it together and drew it to the tightness I wanted then I knotted it.

Tail: I took a black knee high panty hose and stuffed it with polyfill and hot glued it closed, then I took white and black felt and cut in small strips and hot glued them on the bottom. Then I hot glued the tail on the back.

Ears: I took two sheets of 2mm thick white foam, laid them out and pencil traced a large tear drop shape then cut them out. I then took pink felt and made a smaller tear drop then glued it in the center of the white foam. Then I took some smaller felt black swirls and hot glued onto the back side of the ears. Then take the narrow end of the ears and slightly bunch them together and hot glued.

Head: Next take a black baseball cap and cut small slits on either side of the hat for the ears. Then I took the ears and pushed them through the small hole then hot glued them to the hat inside. Because this made the hat top heavy I made a chin strap out of the rest of the elastic. Just hot glue it on each side of the hat after adjusting it to the tightness needed. After that I took polyfil and made a tuft of hair on top of the hat to cover the slits for the ears.

For the finishing touch of the Holstein cow costume I took a bell and put it on a gold braided rope and placed it around her neck. She wore a pair of black leggings with black shoes and a white turtle neck.(or you can wear black)
She was absolutely precious!

Holstein Cow Costume

Holstein Cow Costume

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