So I started looking at Fortune Teller ideas online, I wanted to be live and Interactive and scary looking all at the same time. About a month before I went to local hardware store and bought all the wood I needed, plywood and decorative molding, wheels for the bottom of the booth to make it mobile since I made this for a contest at my job and needed it to be easy for me to move around and paint to give it the final touches.

I started working on it little by little on the weekends and once I had it built and painted I made curtains for it out of a lace fabric I had already in my daughters room as curtains. I also bought a plastic light fixture and battery operated lights to create the crystal ball glowing effect, I just hot glued it to the wood and put some gold rope around the bottom edging of the round light fixture to give it a nice touch.

I bought cards and glued them to the front shelf as well and added lanterns hanging in the back for a dimming candle light effect and used a candle holder from home for the front shelf as well. That was all for the actual booth, but then I bought a black witches wig for myself and made a scarf for my head using some fabric I already had at home on a side table form my living room.

I painted my face to look creepy and bought a prairie dress online to go for the old vintage look and bought some scary contacts to have a deathly possessed look and teeth rotting liquid for my teeth to complete the creepy look. I interacted with everyone using the remainder of the cards from the deck I bought and the costume came to life literally.