My furnace died a week before Halloween and all my costume fund $ had to be diverted into “fix the furnace so you don’t freeze fund.”  So I found stuff I had around home, stole a box from work, bought a $2 light fixture from the Habitat for Humanity Resale store , and  grabbed a couple rolls of  cotact paper from the $ store.

I carved 3 “windows” out of the side of the box using a steak knife (very nearly cutting off a finger)  and covered the entire thing in white contact paper.  I used black duct tape to make the windows and  the give the box straight lines and give it the look of a fortune teller arcade game.  I used the cut out parts of the box to build up a shelf  to hold my “crystal ball” and covered the inside of the box and the shelf with a red plastic table cloth.  To add some color and to make it look a little more realistic.  Then I hot glued the light fixture from the habitat for humanity resale store to the shelf, added some little gems and some glitter glue from my nieces art supplies to the outside of the box, &  affixed a “Gypsy Jo Fortune Teller” sign.  I wore a classic gypsy costume of black pants, white top, head scarf, big hoopy ear rings, lots of bracelets, and clunky jewelry and inserted myself into the box.  The box rested at hip level so I was able to move around comfortably, sit down, and dance at the party.  And as an added bonus, the shelf holding the crystal ball/light fixture provided me a table for my drinks all night.

Although I didn’t win any of the costume awards, I got multiple compliments from the people at the party.  People got a big kick out of the fortune cookies I passed out to “Tell their fortune.”    After the party, my nieces begged to let them borrow the box so they could play dress up with it.  They took turns being the fortune teller and telling each other’s fortune.