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One of the Coolest Homemade Halloween Cowgirl Costumes

Materials need for such cowgirl costumes: pink pleather, cowgirl hat, pink fringe, belt with big buckle (already had at home), white long sleeve shirt, and a pair of blue jeans. Cowgirl costumes are very easy to make even for an inexperienced sewer like myself. I looked online for different ideas for cowgirl costumes and combined ideas from 2 different cowgirl costumes. I let my daughter pick out the color scheme. I bought pink fringe (about a yard and a half) and 2 yards of hot pink pleather-like material from the fabric store (it’s great material – it can get wet and won’t get messed up, water doesn’t seep through either AND its stain resistant).

I Went to a discount store and bought a boys button-down shirt for $2.99 and was lucky enough to find a pink foam cowboy hat at a dollar store for a $1. Now for making the costume, I used a regular pant leg pattern to cut the chaps out (I used a pattern that had a tapered leg wide at the top and narrow at the bottom). I just cut out 2 legs but made them rather large so that she could layer up underneath if it was cold. I cut out the pieces for the legs front and back.

I held the fringe by her legs and cut it to size. I laid the fringe in between the cut-out legs (with the material facing each other) and sewed the fringe and pleather at the same time. I then sewed the other side of the leg (did the same for both sides). Do the same to the other leg DO NOT ATTACH legs.

For the chaps I did not sew the legs together. At the top of the legs I folded the material in so that it would be diagonal and then sewed an edge on it folded in (you can cut the excess material, but I didn’t). Then I cut a wide piece of pink material (3-4 inches wide) for a belt that just fit around her waist, cut a hole at the end of it and hand-sewed a button on the one side. I then gathered the pant leg at the fringe and just sewed an X to attach it to the “belt” on each side.

For the shirt I cut material and followed the seam on the shirt (I covered the pocket). Then I cut two pieces of fringe and sewed it right on the shirt on top of the pink. I also cut two strips wide enough to fit around the cuff and sewed it to the cuff. I had some left over fringe and so I sewed some just above the cuff on both sides. I topped it off with a pink cowgirl hat and a big shinny pink belt. Total Spent: $15

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