Coolest Homemade Cowboy and Cowgirl Costumes – Ideas, Photos and Tips

Take a look at these homemade Cowboy and Cowgirl costumes submitted to our annual Halloween Costume Contest. You’ll also find loads of homemade costume ideas and DIY Halloween costume inspiration.

Cowgirl costume by Clara N., Cleveland, OH

Coolest Homemade Cowboy and Cowgirl Costumes - Ideas, Photos and Tips

Materials need for this costume: pink pleather, cowgirl hat, pink fringe, belt with big buckle (already had at home), white long sleeve shirt, and a pair of blue jeans. Cowgirl costumes are very easy to make even for an inexperienced sewer like myself. I looked online for different ideas for cowgirl costumes and combined ideas from 2 different cowgirl costumes. I let my daughter pick out the color scheme. I bought pink fringe (about a yard and a half) and 2 yards of hot pink pleather-like material from the fabric store (it’s great material – it can get wet and won’t get messed up, water doesn’t seep through either AND its stain resistant).

I Went to a discount store and bought a boys button-down shirt for $2.99 and was lucky enough to find a pink foam cowboy hat at a dollar store for a $1. Now for making the costume, I used a regular pant leg pattern to cut the chaps out (I used a pattern that had a tapered leg wide at the top and narrow at the bottom). I just cut out 2 legs but made them rather large so that she could layer up underneath if it was cold. I cut out the pieces for the legs front and back.

I held the fringe by her legs and cut it to size. I laid the fringe in between the cut-out legs (with the material facing each other) and sewed the fringe and pleather at the same time. I then sewed the other side of the leg (did the same for both sides). Do the same to the other leg DO NOT ATTACH legs.

For the chaps I did not sew the legs together. At the top of the legs I folded the material in so that it would be diagonal and then sewed an edge on it folded in (you can cut the excess material, but I didn’t). Then I cut a wide piece of pink material (3-4 inches wide) for a belt that just fit around her waist, cut a hole at the end of it and hand-sewed a button on the one side. I then gathered the pant leg at the fringe and just sewed an X to attach it to the “belt” on each side.

For the shirt I cut material and followed the seam on the shirt (I covered the pocket). Then I cut two pieces of fringe and sewed it right on the shirt on top of the pink. I also cut two strips wide enough to fit around the cuff and sewed it to the cuff. I had some left over fringe and so I sewed some just above the cuff on both sides. I topped it off with a pink cowgirl hat and a big shinny pink belt. Total Spent: $15


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