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Coolest Homemade Scarecrow Toddler Halloween Costume

I wanted my son to be a scarecrow for Halloween but I wanted something homemade. At least three people I know also chose scarecrow costumes and they all bought the same one from the store. It was nice to have my son in something different. And it meant so much more to me that I made this Homemade Scarecrow Toddler Halloween Costume, and I think it turned out really nice!

First I went to the thrift store and found a plaid shirt and overalls in my son’s size. I also bought a second plaid shirt in a different color. I bought a yard of tan fleece and some invisible stitch (fabric glue that will replace sewing) from Walmart. I bought some decorative leaves from the Dollar Tree. My sewing machine has been acting up, other wise I would have just used the machine.

I cut rectangles of fleece out to the length of the arm and leg holes of the shirt and pants and then cut fringe into it and glued the fleece to the arm and leg holes. I also cut and glued fleece fringe to the pockets on the front and back of the pants as well as on the bib of the overalls. I glued the decorative leaves to the front of the overalls and the back pockets of the pants. I cut patches of the second plaid shirt and glued them onto the overalls. The fringe is supposed to look like straw.

For the hat I cut two triangles of fleece, 11x11x13.5, and glued them together. When they dried I turned them inside out and then cut fringe in the bottom of the hat. I then glued patches on both sides of the hat.

I used one of my son’s old pairs of shoes that are pretty scuffed up and I hot glued on tiny patches of material from that second plaid shirt. Since the shoes were scuffed up anyway, it really added to the scarecrow look.

The costume was awesome because it was cold out and the costume kept my son warm. I let him wear pajama pants and shirt underneath the outfit one of the nights he wore it for extra warmth and you couldn’t even tell. The hat kept his little head and ears warm too.

If it had been colder, I think that white gloves would have looked adorable with this costume.

Homemade Scarecrow Toddler Halloween Costume

Homemade Scarecrow Toddler Halloween Costume

Homemade Scarecrow Toddler Halloween Costume

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