This Wolverine costume started as a hooded fleece outfit from Old Navy. We then took pieces of felt and cut them to the shapes from the original Wolverine from the X-Men Comic books.

For the hair pieces, shoulder pads, as well as the claws, we sewed the pieces together, and then stuffed them with poly-fil to make them stand up. The belt stopped at the zipper on one side, and then overlapped from the other side to cover it up. I originally got the yellow outfit at a garage sale, for about $1.00, and in total, the fleece pieces (I bought the small ones) were around maybe $3.00… so yes, total cost…$4.00.

My son was about 4 months old in the picture (last Halloween). The beauty of it was that since it was a fleece outfit he was totally warm while wearing it as well!

Oh, and his name is Logan, so wolverine is actually his namesake. :)