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Original Homemade Teen Wolf Costume

I created the Homemade Teen Wolf Costume for my husband who wanted an original costume. Original it was! He turned heads at our friend’s annual Halloween party and even won best costume! The only item purchased was the basketball uniform (from Amazon.com). The furry legs and arms were created by me!

I bought a wig from a thrift store and cut it into small strips. The legs were made with leggings. Using a hot glue gun, I attached the strips of hair to the leggings. The same process was used to create the arms. The leggings used for the arms were cut in half and attached to the jersey using safety pins. For the wig/beard, I purchased a “biblical wig and beard set” from a local Halloween store. I cut off the mustache and trimmed the beard to the desired length and shape. For the face, we applied brown Halloween makeup and used “spirit gum” from the Halloween store to attach additional pieces of hair to his face. Fangs were also used to complete the look.

Finally, the yellow headband and wrist bands were purchased on ebay for approximately $6. ENJOY!

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