For this Strawberry Shortcake vintage Homemade costume I used two 1.99 a yard red fabric to make skirt using 2 triangles, piece of elastic the size of my kids waist, the blouse – used a t-shirt (cut sleeves longer to give the effect of puffy sleeves). Bought 2.00 new shoes, pink, glued felt strawberry each, a yard of white fabric for apron – used a triangle and a square to make apron and hand painted it with acrylic paints I already had (I used safety pins to hold the apron to the blouse). I used white pants I had – cut to size and glued ribbon and a felt strawberry each.

The hat was the hardest to come up with, I couldn’t find anything online! Now you will! So I used a clock cut sew elastic all around, used a piece of craft foam green, and some green fabric for the bow, and some ribbon my husband found, soccer stockings for 1.49 – cut the feet and only used the tubes and fit perfectly!

I spent less than 15.00 dollars to make it and many people liked it! It looked sweet (the look I was going for)! This was the first time I ever did something like this! I impressed myself! ha, ha!