I looked at many pictures of a Strawberry Shortcake Costume, and many links to barmaid style strawberry shortcake ready-made costumes online, but didn’t like what I found. I used red flannel for the dress, following a basic nightgown pattern, but putting the buttons in the back rather than the front. I chose to make a strawberry print apron rather than the standard white, and made strawberry a little more grown-up by using the red heels I’d worn for Dorothy the year before.

I found a basic hat pattern online with directions for measuring heads to form the brim, and made a huge circle for the hat. I drafted a strawberry out of the same red flannel as the dress, and puffy-painted on seeds. I considered making mitten hands, but decided against it. The bloomers were from the pajama pant pattern with the nightgown, just with elastic above the knee. The tights was the only ready-made portion of the outfit. I brought strawberry shortcake to two different parties (the edible variety). The only thing that would have made it better was if my friend that talked about being Blueberry Muffin with me had followed thru.