I made this costume for my friend’s 7-month-old.

It is red cotton with white eyelet sewn on for the apron. I didn’t want a separate apron for this – too many pieces, too many ties that could come loose – it didn’t seem like a good idea for a baby, so I made the apron part of the dress. I used an 80’s baby dress pattern for the dress itself, the apron parts were off the top of my head. I added the diamond pieces (fabric I already had) and then hand stitched a couple of stitches in each side using really thick embroidery thread.

The hat is made from Strawberry Shortcake licensed material. I made it super over-sized, it took 2 yards. You could use 1 yard and not have as much floppiness – I wish I had! I was really trying to match the original, but the hat kept slipping off all night. I suggest a smaller hat! It is just a gathered circle with two elliptical pieces for the brim. I elasticized the back for comfort.

The tights are actually adult Capri tights in a size XS that we found on eBay from Japan. Asian sizes are way small, my 10-year-old couldn’t fit in them, they were TINY. They fit the baby fine, we tucked the extra length into the shoes and they worked great!

The hair is just frayed yarn sewn onto some elastic lace and worn like a headband. A full wig would have been too uncomfortable.

There were tons of comments and praise for this. It is hard to find a vintage-style Strawberry Shortcake costume. The new teenage version isn’t quite as fun!

Total paid = $15.00

Strawberry Shortcake Costume