I am in love with the classic strawberry shortcake look. In the 80’s she had an adorable red dress, with her ruffle apron, and cute muffin top hat. This project was my life for 4 weeks! From top to bottom the only thing store bought and unaltered was the shoes.

By far my favorite piece to make was the hat. I found these adorable strawberry glass beads at let it bead in Brookings, SD and hand sewed them on. The most difficult was my kitty custard. He was not only my pet for the entire weekend and now the rest of my life, he was also my purse. I hand embroidered his cute little face. His collar also has a pretty strawberry bead on it, just like my hat!

I found so many places that gave me inspiration, materials, and instructions for this Strawberry Shortcake Costume. So to give them all credit and show everyone just how I made the costume, I decided to blog all about it. The first page of all my costume stuff is: http://irisisbored.wordpress.com/2011/09/23/strawberry-shortcake-costume-part-one.

Some advice if you are making your own strawberry shortcake costume

1. BUY petticoats, do not try to make them or alter them, mine took at least an hour just to get it all figured out to sew two of them together.

2. Use a heavy interfacing in your butt bow and the hat. It will help them stand up and not be all floppy. Also add some stuffing in the hat.

3. If you intend to make custard the cat don’t make it a purse. I wanted to scream by the time I got done making him.