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Coolest Spider Snack Costume

My two boys love spooky and scary! Halloween is their favorite holiday second only to Christmas. We usually decide on a costume and when we are done making it we start thinking of ideas for next year’s costume. I hate spiders so I do not know how I got talked into this Homemade Spider Snack Costume.

We bought a big ugly spider from the store and put it on top of his head. I painted his face and made a spider bite out of make up on his forehead. Then took spider webbing and wrapped it around his body. We glued plastic spiders to his face and put them in the webbing. The spider eggs were made paper mache style. We blew up balloons and glued cheese cloth with home made paste around the balloon let this dry overnight. Then popped balloon. With spray adhesive I added some spider webbing to the egg and then hot glued plastic spiders to the egg.

We went to the costume contest hoping for a 3 peat (he won the previous 2 years). The organizer had remembered his head in the freezer costume from the previous year! He won again!

Homemade Spider Snack Costume

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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