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Coolest Spider Halloween Costume Idea

COOLEST (Inexpensive) Spider Halloween Costume Idea from Recyclables:

My boyfriend inherited an old top hat from his son and I volunteered to decorate it for a Halloween party we were attending. Those “fake” spider webs gives him the “heebie-jeebies” so I began to decorate the hat with ribbons for spider web and stickers. He was planning to wear just the decorated hat with a black long sleeved shirt and pants.

He had a couple pairs of over-the-knee black socks that he rarely wears; which I then decided to use to give him eight arms to be a spider. If I had used “pillow stuffing” it would have been too heavy to maneuver so I came up with something light in weight and didn’t cost anything? I stuffed the socks with the plastic grocery bags/ about 15-20 bags @ sock (depending on their sizes). After stuffing the 4 socks, I stitched up the opening with the widest zig-zag stitching with the sewing machine.

Carefully open both sides of the shirt and slip the zig-zagged ends into seams of shirt and restitch openings incorporating two legs on each side of shirt.

Making the Web: With ribbon or string, tie the shirt arm (near cuffs) to the first arm (about 12? apart) and then tie it to second arm. After the second arm, leave about 15″ of ribbon (to connect two sides together). Repeat the other side in same manner until web is formed. Depending on the ribbon and the effect you desire, more or less rows of ribbons can be used; I tied 7 rows of ribbon. The ribbon ends were stitched together on 3″ strips of Velcro in the back so that he wouldn”t tangle or be restricted by his ribbon web. He “unhooked” the ends when he sat down.

The only cost to make this spider outfit was purchasing the ribbons to make the “web”; which was just under $20.00. Perhaps, string could have been used instead which might be less expensive. The shirt, stuffing(plastic bags), socks were all recyclables.

PS. He won first prize for the “Most Creative Costume”!!!

PPS. He won first prize for the “Most Creative Costume”!

Homemade Spider Halloween Costume Idea

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