Coolest Spider Attack Baby Costume

This spider attack baby costume idea is one I came up with after seeing The Hobbit in the movie theater. I am a huge fan of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies. There is a scene where the dwarfs are attacked and spun into giant spider webs.

I really wanted to make a costume from the movie, but I was waiting for the kids to get a little bigger first. However, this is the perfect costume for a young infant who still likes to be swaddled. Our littlest girl is 2 months old in this picture. She loves to be swaddled in blankets.

For this costume I started by making a sack to put the baby in. It is a loose, stretchy bag of fabric  that came up just past her neck. After I made the white sack I stuffed it with fiberfill stuffing material and wrapped the sack with spider webbing. I used an entire bag of the webbing because I wanted the baby to look totally encased in webbing.

On the back side of the sack, I glued the web to the sack. I wanted it to stay in place so I could pull the sack off for diaper changes. I just slipped her inside the sack, laid her down and then tucked the sack and webbing under her a bit.

I have  a portable bassinet that I lined with a remnant of bright orange silk upholstery fabric. I just placed the baby in the middle of the bassinet and put a large poseable spider that I bought at the drug store over her body.

I have posted several pictures online and all of our friends and family find this the most hysterical costume I’ve made.

I wanted to come up with a cute idea that even the creatively impaired could do . Plus, it costs only a couple of dollars to make. It is great knowing that our little girl has brought smiles to so many faces,

Coolest Spider Attack Baby Costume