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Cool Baby and Mom Costume – Spider and Web

My son and I are wearing our homemade baby and mom costume – spider and web. I was searching for costume ideas that would allow me to wear my 6 month old son in an Ergo carrier as he was not walking yet at the time. I found several images online of mothers wearing a similar costume and decided to try making it myself.

Here’s How I Made Our Baby and Mom Costume

I bought a big hairy spider from the dollar store ($6) and a ball of white cotton yarn ($1).  I found an old broken black reusable shopping bag and cut off one side of it, leaving the handle/loop on to tie on to the front straps of my baby carrier (almost like an apron). I made the web by tying concentric circles of yarn together then sewing it to the black apron. Then I attached the spider to the apron on top of the web by hand sewing 2 of its legs to the apron.

I wore a black top and pants to make the web stand out more. I also put darker clothes on my son to conceal his body and legs, and a cute hat that I had laying around. Then put him in carrier as I normally do and tied the apron with the web and spider attached. Done!

It’s kind of embarrassing to admit this, but the part that took me the longest with this baby and mom costume was figuring out how to tie the pieces of yarn together to make the web.  I have no idea why (I blame it on baby brain), but I probably did a couple of different versions that were horrible tangled messes before I thought of making the circles first and then tying straight pieces of string to connect them together.

I got really great reactions from people when I went out with my son to get Halloween candy. Some people got scared since they found the fuzzy spider really creepy.

Most mothers just thought it was the most brilliant baby and mom costume ever since it kept my hands free and my baby was super comfortable.

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