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Coolest Homemade Spider Web Wheelchair Costume

Years ago we read a suggestion in Exceptional Parent magazine to incorporate the wheelchair into the Halloween costume. We’ve had lots of fun doing just that with this Spider Web Wheelchair Costume!

Christopher loves all types of bugs which gave us our idea for this costume. We made a cape of glittery spider web fabric lined with black fabric. (Or you could purchase one of the ones they have for witch costumes.) We also made a hood out of the same fabric and then sewed one of his plastic dragonflies onto the hood as if it was caught in the web.

We put the cape on Christopher backward so that it covered both him and the chair. Then we used large snaps to attach a large furry spider with light-up red eyes to the front of the cape – the spider in the web!

When people would ask what Christopher was going to be for Halloween, they always responded “You mean he’ll be a spider?” And we always corrected them that he was not the spider – he was the web!

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