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Coolest Spa Girl Costume

My daughter needed something easy yet ‘cool’ for her school costume parade. She wanted to do something really ‘girly’ and so the spa girl costume was born!

We bought face paints and mixed them up until the proper shade of green for her face. We bought a turban from a local beauty supply chain. She already had the robe and slippers so this was a quick, easy costume with lots of style!

An added bonus… Under the robe she has on her regular school clothes so once the parade was over, all she had to do was wash off her face and roll back down her jeans!

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4 thoughts on “Coolest Spa Girl Costume”

  1. I did this costume last night for my 10 year old daughter, and she loved it, and out of 10 kids, she won for her age group! Thanks for the GREAT idea! And most of all, we had everything at home already!

  2. COOL, i decided to be a spa girl. i went and got a polka-dot robe and a face mask but the paint does not work at all! i used my one hot pink slippers and went and bought an eye mask and fake nails. all of it cost about thirty dollars it depends on what you use from your own stuff. It turned out great because i can use this stuff!

  3. My daughter LOVED this idea… She wore it to her halloween party, and ALL of the girls loved the idea… PLUS, no one else had it! That was the best part! We used a robe we had, PJs that we had, Slippers for $6.99, already had a Turbie, bought the eye mask at the dollar store, and put some of her hair in curlers… so basically a SUPER cute–ORIGINAL costume, for $7.99! Nothing beats that!


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