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Coolest Shop Vac and Dust Bunny Couple Costume

My boyfriend and I always try to be very original with out Halloween costumes. This year a broken Shop Vac was our inspiration. My boyfriend’s shop vac broke, and while he was trying to fix it, he looked up at me like a light bulb went off! He said, “This year for Halloween I’m going to be a shop vac!” That started it all. He took the shop vac apart and used the parts to create his costume. He used the cord as straps to hold the tank portion up. He removed the motor and screwed a hard hat into the motor housing. He wore this on his head. He cut the hose, so it was short enough that nobody would trip on it. And he was a shop vac.

I decided to be dust bunny to go along with it! I simply spray painted cotton balls gray, added a little baking cocoa for a dusty effect, and glued it all to a gray tank top. I completed the look with gray pants, bunny ears, and a fluffy white tail.

I think this Homemade Shop Vac and Dust Bunny Couple Costume is the most original costume I have ever seen. Even when researching online for ideas on how to make it, I couldn’t find anything! We got pretty a good response from fellow party goers!

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