Easy DIY Dust Bunny Costume

This was a fun play on words costume that was super simple. I bought a large gray sweater from the thrift store, bought some bunny ears online and a bag of cobwebs. Then I just wrapped myself in the cobwebs. For some extra dust I sprayed some silver hair color and found some dryer lint … Read more

Coolest Homemade Dust Bunny Costume

Homemade Dust Bunny Costume

I created a homemade dust bunny costume for my son. I needed to make a costume for him since he has Sensory Issues and also easy to put on and take off. I had to think of something that was easy for him to handle. I though a dust bunny was a fun way to … Read more

Coolest Scary Dust Bunny Costume

Coolest Scary Dust Bunny Costume

I wanted to be a crabby old Dust Bunny that has been living under your bed. I made the dress out of cheese cloth and cotton jersey fabric that I dyed by hand. Torn strips of gray taffeta were added to the skirt to give it volume. The feet are made from faux fur glued … Read more

Coolest Shop Vac and Dust Bunny Couple Costume

Homemade Shop Vac and Dust Bunny Couple Costume

My boyfriend and I always try to be very original with out Halloween costumes. This year a broken Shop Vac was our inspiration. My boyfriend’s shop vac broke, and while he was trying to fix it, he looked up at me like a light bulb went off! He said, “This year for Halloween I’m going … Read more

Coolest Vacuum and Dust Bunny Baby Couple Costume

Coolest Vacuum and Dust Bunny Baby Couple Costume

When I asked my 3 year old what he wanted to be for Halloween, I expected him to say something like a firefighter or monster. So imagine my surprise when he said he wanted to be a vacuum. Well, I shouldn’t have been too surprised since he is slightly obsessed with vacuums! I wanted his … Read more