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Coolest Homemade Dust Bunny Costume

I created a homemade dust bunny costume for my son. I needed to make a costume for him since he has Sensory Issues and also easy to put on and take off. I had to think of something that was easy for him to handle. I though a dust bunny was a fun way to handle Halloween.

I first went and bought a sweat outfit for him in a grey/slate color. I then used the poly-fill left over from another project, to be the outside or the “dust” for the bunny. Well then I thought about using regular spray paint, but then I thought of fabric paint instead. I used a lilac as a base. So I was able to use spray adhesive to put the dust on the jacket. But then some little pieces started coming off so I then turned to craft glue. But that took over night to dry (and that took a little too long to dry for me). Well when all else fails, use your trusty glue gun. Needless to say, it got the job done.

I also used a pair of bunny ears and covered them too. And for the tail, it was a round body scrubber. To finish it all off I used spray glitter and pieces of string to add to the “dust”. The total time to complete this homemade dust bunny costume from start to finish is about 7-10 days. But it can take more days if other things come up… ha, ha.

Homemade Dust Bunny Costume

Homemade Dust Bunny Costume

Homemade Dust Bunny Costume

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