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Coolest Homemade Vacuum Cleaner Halloween Costume

When asked what she wanted to be for Halloween our 3 year old daughter told us she wanted, of all things, a homemade vacuum cleaner Halloween costume. So I got to work and looked on Coolest Homemade Costumes.Com and found a couple of other kids that had the same idea. She happened to have a toy Dirt Devil vacuum that she loves and said she wanted to be that kind of vacuum. I thought foam posterboard would be the perfect material because it is more rigid, light weight, and would accept the spray paint better than cardboard.

I didn’t do much measuring, I just made the front foot piece first and made it large enough to accommodate her need to walk comfortably. The foot piece is all one piece I cut a bevel on the underside without cutting through to the top and it folds nicely with out having to use any tape on the visible area. I used scrap pieces of foam board to make support braces on the inside where they could not be seen and secured it all with black duct tape (the black duct tape that is visible is just to act like a bumper guard).

The body piece has vertical bevels cut on the inside to make it look more rounded and the back piece, which is not visible is just a flat piece of the foam board. I connected the front and back with some shoulder straps I made from the duct tape that I just folded so it would not be sticky and there is a strip of foam board on each side at the bottom to give it the angled look. I used a great high gloss red spray paint that gave it the Dirt Devil look and cut the company logo out of picture paper again for the high gloss.

The dirt canister on the front and the light on the base were made from a 2 litter soda bottle. I used a cotton ball that I stretched out and rubbed dirt on as the dust ball in the canister and just attached it with some string. The back had a hose and wand from my 1 gallon shop vac that was black and perfect for scale and I took a black power cord from an old DVD player that didn’t work any more and attached it too.

I hope to get some more pics of different angles on here after they’re developed. She was supposed to have red face paint, horns, and a devils tail coming out of the back to make her look like a real Dirt Devil, but when it came down to it she was not feeling all that stuff. She really had a blast wearing it and everyone in town loved it and I hope you all do too. Happy Halloween!!!

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