Coolest Shakira She Wolf Costume

This Halloween I decided to be adventurous and dress up like sexy Shakira from her video She Wolf. I got a black unitard and cut out the right shoulder, a hole in the right side of stomach, and cut out the left leg. I made the necklace with gold leafs and brown feathers. I used a blond wig with very dark roots. Finally I had a nude open toed boot on my left foot and a matching black open toed boot on my right foot.

I painted my nails bright red with glitter. I wore natural make up with a lot of mascara (you could also wear false lashes). Don’t forget to work out a bunch a couple weeks before Halloween to get nice toned abs and arms. You can always use a little bronzer to accentuate your toned stomach muscles.

Last but not least, don’t forget to smile, dance, and be confident in your Homemade Shakira She Wolf Costume.

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