Coolest Sesame Street Gang Costume

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame street.

When looking for a group costume this year, we turned to your website for ideas. We stumbled upon the group of Sesame street characters in hoodies with eyes attached. We thought it was a cute and fun idea we could recreate. Once we got started on our Homemade Sesame Street Gang Costume we had so much fun with it we decided we could take them a step further.

Each of us were able to find material to create dresses or garbage cans for our characters. Big bird and Elmo found furry material they were able to cut into a few pieces and sew into a jumper shape. Garbage can and hat were made of a coarse felt like material, painted gray and filled with a real garbage bag. Cut out from food containers were glued to the top of the garbage bag for a more realistic effect. The garbage can has strips of elastic connected to it, so it was easy to take on and off.

The eyes were made our of foam balls with buttons and attached to headbands with fur. The fur was actually small boas from the fabric store woven with piper cleaners to give more structure and make it easier to attach to the headbands. Lots of hours, hot glue and minor pin pokes were given to finish these masterpieces.

I think all the characters turned out fantastic and we had a great reaction wherever we went. These costumes were lots of fun but made even better knowing we crafted them ourselves! Thanks for the great ideas and will be looking to the site for future inspiration!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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