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Coolest Scrabble Costume

As I was searching for inspiration for a Halloween costume I came across costume ideas that were based around board games. Although a fun reference, it was not exactly what I was looking for. Instead, I took the board game idea to the next level and made it interactive.

I used an old white dress and applied a layer of acrylic paint: light blue on the top, a red “belt” that featured “Scrabble”, and then painted the board on the bottom half of the dress. I applied small pieces Velcro to the spaces on the board, and the opposite pieces of Velcro to the scrabble letters from an extra game I purchased. I walked around the entire evening with a small black bag filled with wooden scrabble letters and allowed the party guests to take turns and pull 7 letters from my bag and build words on my board.

Everyone enjoyed being able to have an interactive part of my Scrabble Costume.

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