I love Scrabble, so I decided to be the game for Halloween! I bought a bag of 1000 tiles online and got to work. I made a belt, headband, bracelets, earrings, and rings out of the tiles. For the headband, I bought a plain plastic headband and glued the tiles in a way that created some height. For the jewelry, I bought metal earring backs and rings at a craft store and glued tiles onto those.

For the belt, I got lucky and found one that was made of little panels attached to elastic which allowed me to glue the tiles to the panels so that they wouldn’t fall off when the belt stretched. I then took pictures of the actual game board, printed them on iron-on paper, and ironed the board onto a plain white skirt. I did the same thing with the logo. I printed it and ironed it onto a red t-shirt. Lastly, I added some glasses and red shoes and carried the letter bag as my purse. Oh, and the necklace… It says, “Stop looking at my” and below that I strung one of the letter racks.