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Coolest Rick James Costume

I love the Chappelle show and think that man is a genius. So I was looking for a good costume and at the time the Chappelle show was huge. So my favorite skit on the show was the Rick James skit with Charlie Murphy, loved it so much I said I have to be Rick James. I broke down the voice and everything and made this Rick James Costume.

I was looking for the costume everywhere all over NYC for a Rick James costume couldn’t find one. So what I did was find a white sports jacket from a thrift store. Made some blue and red stars out of felt and sewn it onto the jacket (put glitter on the stars to jazz it up a bit). Found some white pants and white sneakers. Oh the hair is some Cleopatra wig I found.

So I did it and went to the Halloween day parade in the Village and found Prince who was another great character from the Chappelle show.

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  1. I love how you did your costume. I got my wig but I have to change out the beads cuz their all different colors. I cant find a jacket or pants to save my life!!!! You did an amazing job and I thank you for giving me some ideas.


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