Coolest Homemade Zombie Marilyn Monroe and James Dean Costumes

This Halloween, my boyfriend and I dressed up as Zombie Marilyn Monroe and James Dean.

Although our Homemade Zombie Marilyn Monroe and James Dean Costumes weren’t completely handmade, I feel that our idea was really original and I did design and create all of the make-up effects and hairstyles.

I purchased a white dress for my costume, and we assembled my boyfriend’s one with a pair of tight Levis, a white T-shirt that we covered in fake blood and a pleather jacket. We also both wore white contact lenses.

The real fun came in the make-up. We splatted effects on his arms, face, and dripped and splayed the blood all over his T-shirt). Because James Dean died in a car crash, I gave him lots of scratches, abrasions and a huge nosebleed.

Marilyn died from a pill overdose, so I smeared her normally perfect red lipstick and added a few gross vomit effects on the side of my mouth and dribbling down the back of one hand. Our combined make-up time was 4 hours.

For my hair, I used a styled blonde wig and added my own blonde extensions to the front with spirit gum to hide the seam of the wig.

Wishing to stay in the character of our ‘Zombies’ Halloween Night costumes, my boyfriend carried around pop-eye candy cigarettes and I popped sweet tarts from a medicine bottle from my purse.

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  1. Great idea though there’s evidence otherwise to believe she didn’t die of a pill overdose. Read up on her its pretty sad, but according tp the book I read pills were not the cause

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