Coolest Posion Ivy Homemade Halloween Costume

I bought the jump suit online and attached a vine to her shoulder for this Posion Ivy Homemade Halloween Costume. After wrapping it around her waist I pinned it to her ankle. The leaves on the vine were replaced from other flowers I purchased. The eyebrows are leaves glue together with a glue gun. The belt and arms are made with shimmery fabric.

She has on green eye shadow and green eyeliner on her lips with gold lipstick over it. Her hairs is a wig I bought from the costume shop with red weave glued in. To get the cones on her head I put in two ponytails. I added several rubber bands to make it hard. Then I wrapped them with neck strips. Next I took the hair that was hanging and wrapped it around the ponytail that was know covered with tissue paper.

You can make these as thick as you like are as thin as you like. For thicker buns wrap more neck strips.