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Coolest Homemade Poison Ivy from Batman Costume

My friend was obsessed with Batman after the latest movie came out. So of course he wanted a Batman Costume and so my other friend and I obviously wanted to be his Villians. He pulled together a Penguin costume out of stuff in his closet and by stuffing his shirt with a pillow.

I made my Homemade Poison Ivy from Batman Costume by first buying a nude leotard. Then I bought a bunch of fake leaves and ivy from the arts and crafts section in Walmart. I also bought a little bit of green mesh fabric, and fabric glue. I stretched the leotard around a box so it was stretched out when I wrapped the mesh fabric around it. I used the mesh as a background for the leaves.

Then I started gluing the leaves on. I found the best method for doing this was to take the plastic parts off the leaves and using clothes pins to hold the leaves in place while the glue dried.

I also used the leaves to make a little skirt to make myself feel a little more comfortable wearing the costume out. I glued the leaves to themselves and glued a string to the leaves and tied it around me.

As for the rest of the costume, I bought white tights and gloves and clothing dye. I died them together so the green came out the same shade of green. I also bought green fabric which I simply tied around my neck as a cape.

I made my hair red simply by buying the temporary red hair spray in the costume section of Walmart. (Caution: If possible, wash your hair before you go to sleep that night! Otherwise your bed will be red!)

I was able to find everything at Walmart. I think the grand total of the costume came to about $30.
I got many compliments on my costume that night, everyone kept asking me where I bought it!

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