Coolest Popcorn Bucket Costume

Materials used for this Popcorn Bucket Costume:

* Popcorn (candy coated) or you will smell like feet!!!
* 1 bag of reg popcorn let get stale over night
* Head band
* Old earrings
* Glue gun/hot glue
* Red and yellow duct tape
* Laundry basket
* 2 white poster boards
* Foam paper yellow red white
* Stencils (p-o-c-r-n)
* Scissors
* White scrubs (pants)
* Red long sleeve shirt
* Red white stripe socks
* Gold sneakers

Headband: had a left over head band covered it in red duct tape and then hot glued stale popcorn to it for the piece of butter I cut a square of paper foam and covered it in yellow duct tape and then hot glued that to the popcorn on the headband.

Earrings: Old earrings and hot glued stale popcorn to that.

Bucket: Cut the bottom of a laundry basket (you may have to tweak this if it falls off you this sits right on my hips and won’t fall)… Wrapped the white poster boards around it and hot glued it in place. I covered the rim with red duct tape and then duct taped red stripes around the bucket.

I cut a square piece of yellow foam paper hot glue it to the center of the front and then cut P-O-P-C-O-R-N from stencils and white foam paper and hot glued it to the yellow paper, the red zig zag around the sign was placed after but prob would have been smarter and easier to just cut a square piece of foam paper and glued the popcorn sign to that but of course I didn’t think about that till it was too late..

Clothes are just red long sleeve shirt, white scrubs I cut the legs off of to make shorts and put on stripe socks and gold sneakers.