Cool Michael Jackson Thriller Costume

Coolest Michael Jackson Thriller Costume 18

MJ thriller jacket was made from an old winter coat, red duct tape, and black electrical tape. Basically I just covered the entire coat strip by strip with red duct tape then added the details with the black electrical tape added red skinny jeans cuffed up to show white socks and black sneakers. Finished off … Read more

Coolest Saint Patricks Day Beer Mug Costume

Coolest Saint Patricks Day Beer Mug Costume 17

The beer mug is a blow up cooler. I cut the bottom of the cooler and put it on, then blew it up and dressed to match. Cheap, fun n easy, costs approx $5 at iparty for the cooler.

Coolest Popcorn Bucket Costume

Coolest Popcorn Bucket Costume 22

Materials used for this Popcorn Bucket Costume: * Popcorn (candy coated) or you will smell like feet!!! * 1 bag of reg popcorn let get stale over night * Head band * Old earrings * Glue gun/hot glue * Red and yellow duct tape * Laundry basket * 2 white poster boards * Foam paper … Read more

Coolest Creepy Doll DIY Costume

Coolest Creepy Doll Costume

I did the makeup of this Creepy Doll costume following a YouTube tutorial and added fake eyelashes. The dress was a kids dress. I cut away the sleeves and re-attached to a black short sleeve shirt, then cut away the shirt part of the dress leaving the bib area and pinning the bag into a … Read more

Coolest Cool Runnings Jamaican Bobsled Team Group Costume

Homemade Cool Runnings Jamaican Bobsled Team Group Costume

Our bobsled was made with plastic totes, trash zipties, chicken wire, duct tape, cardboard, broom sticks and trash bags. Attach all totes in a line by zipties and cover with tape. Wrap the outside of totes with chicken wire, attach with zipties and duct tape all sharp edges really good. Shape the front with chicken … Read more